Gallery exhibition
David Hockney
New Work with a Camera
David Hockney announcement poster, 1983
Walking in the Zen Garden at the Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto, Feb. 21st 1983<BR>
photographic collage<BR>
41 1/4 x 63 1/4 in. (104.78 x 160.66 cm)<BR>
Private collection
The Brooklyn Bridge, November 28th, New York, November 1982<BR>
photographic collage<BR>
109 x 58 in. (276.86 x 147.32 cm)<BR>
Private collection
The Grand Canyon, South Rim, With Rail, Arizona, October 1982<BR>
photographic collage<BR>
42 x 136 in (106.68 x 345.44 cm)<BR>
Private collection
The Grand Canyon Looking North, Arizona, September 1982<BR>
photographic collage<BR>
45 x 99 1/2 in (114.3 x 252.73 cm)<BR>
Private collection
14 May 1983 - 25 Jun 1983

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Selected articles

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