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Juan Uslé portrait with painting


Juan UslÉ

1954 Born, Santander, Spain
Lives and works in Saro, Cantabria and New York, NY

1973-77 Studied fine art at Escuela Superior de Belles Artes in San Carlos, Valencia

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Selected L.A. Louver Exhibitions

Juan UslÉ: Entre Dos Lunas
30 May - 6 July 2013
Group show
28 February - 30 March 2013

Second floor gallery
20 January - 26 February 2011

Juan UslÉ

22 May - 5 July 2008

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Selected museum exhibitions

Open Rooms
Fundación Marcelino Botín
Santander, Spain;
traveled to SMAK
Stedlïjk Museum voor Actuale Kunst
Ghent, Belgium;
Irish Museum of Modern Art
Dublin, Ireland, 2003-2004

First Time
Museum Morsbroich
Leverkusen, Germany, 2002


Selected Articles

Yau, John. "In Conversation: Juan Uslé with John Yau."
The Brooklyn Rail, April 5, 2011.
full article, PDF

Luke, Ben. "Juan Uslé."
Art World, Vol. 2 January 2008. 98-101.
full article, PDF


Pagel, David. "Juan Uslé's miniatures make a big impression."
Los Angeles Times 6 June 2008.
full article, PDF

Hartigan, Marianne. "A convent education."
The Sunday Tribune, 12 September 2004.
full article, PDF


juan usle catalog This exhibition is accompanied by a 103 page fully illustrated catalogue, with paintings and poems by Juan Uslé and with an essay by Kevin Power

103 pages, 21 color illustrations
Hardback, $40
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Selected works by exhibition

Juan Uslé
22 May - 5 July 2008 >>

          Juan Uslé
Noche Abierta

23 May -1 July 2000 >>

Juan Uslé
Ojo Roto

30 March - 27 April 1996 >>

              Other works >>
Juan Uslé, Ojo-nido painting Juan Uslé, El templo painting Juan Uslé, Soñe que revelabas (Eufrates) painting Juan Uslé, Erizado painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting painting Juan Uslé painting painting
El templo
Soñe que revelabas (Eufrates)

Notte (Transito)


Notte (Hair's River)


Notte (El Encuentro)


Lady Bug




Figuras Semejantes




Ojo Roto


Ciudad Camuflada


Fuera pero Dentro, 3


Digital versus Susilla


Soñe que revelabas III

Juan Usle  painting

Installation photography

Juan Uslé

Installation photography

Juan Uslé painting Juan Uslé painting

Installation photography >>