Museum exhibition
David Hockney
Drawing from Life
David Hockney / 
Harry Styles, 31st May 2022 / 
Acrylic on canvas / 
48 x 36 in (1219.2 x 914.4 mm) / 
© David Hockney / 
Photo: Jonathan Wilkinson, Collection of the artist.
David Hockney / 
Self Portrait II, 14 March 2012 / 
iPad drawing printed on paper / 
32 x 24 in. (81.3 x 61 cm)
David Hockney / 
Self Portrait with Red Braces, 2003 / 
Watercolor on paper / 
24 x 18 1/8 in (61 x 46 cm) / 
Collection Gregory Evans / 
© David Hockney, Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt
National Portrait Gallery
London, UK
2 Nov 2023 - 21 Jan 2024

The National Portrait Gallery’s autumn program will see the return of the five-star exhibition, David Hockney: Drawing from Life, which was staged for just 20 days before the Gallery’s closure due to Covid in March 2020.

The exhibition explores the artist’s work over the last six decades through his intimate portraits of five sitters: his mother, Celia Birtwell, Gregory Evans, Maurice Payne and the artist himself. His familiarity with the sitters enables him to work with a range of mediums and styles, from pencil, pen and ink and crayon, to photographic collage and the iPad. The 2023 exhibition will also debut a selection of over thirty new portraits. Painted from life they depict friends and visitors to the artist’s Normandy studio between 2021 and 2022.

Wolfson Gallery at National Portrait Gallery
London, UK
27 Feb 2020 - 18 Mar 2020

The Morgan Library and Museum
New York, NY
2 Oct 2020 - 30 May 2021

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