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These works were created by Hockney in 2021, expanding on a series of iPad paintings made in 2020 while quarantining at his studio and residence in Normandy, France. Inspired by his daily observations, Hockney devoted himself to the iPad, a medium of unique immediacy that allowed him to be prolific in his depictions of his home, the changing seasons, and surrounding countryside.
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Esteemed Dada scholar and curator Francis M. Naumann presents the history and context for L.A. Louver's exhibition 'Beatrice Wood: Drawings, Prints, Ceramics,' on view 21 September - 29 October 2022.
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45 at 45
Building a Gallery: Peter Goulds and Frederick Fisher in Conversation (2020)
Watch an intimate discussion between L.A. Louver Founding Director Peter Goulds and Frederick Fisher, the architect behind L.A. Louver's gallery space at 45 N. Venice Blvd in Venice, California.
Artist Conversation: Rina Banerjee and Alison Saar (2020)
The pair discussed their current traveling museum exhibitions, which have been impacted by current restrictions and addressed how the pandemic has shifted their own studio practices.
Artist Conversation: Tony Marsh, Jiha Moon, Tia Pulitzer and Matt Wedel (2020)
Each working with clay, but varied in approach, the artists discussed the role ceramics play in their practice and the necessity to work within this medium as part of their artistic output.
Artist Conversation: Sarah Awad and Rebecca Campbell (2020)
Watch a candid and lively discussion between artists Sarah Awad and Rebecca Campbell, whose painting practices gives focus to the figure.
In the Landscape with Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin (2020)
Step inside painter Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin's idyllic landscapes, as she tours us around her luscious garden and adjacent studio in Mendocino County, California. Filmed entirely by the artist in spring and summer of 2020.
Artist Talk: L.A. Futurism with Kohshin Finley, Gajin Fujita, Patrick Martinez and Gabriella Sanchez
Los Angeles natives Kohshin Finley, Gajin Fujita, Patrick Martinez and Gabriella Sanchez joined us to talk about how the city has influenced their work, and their hopes and visions for the near and long-term future of this unique place.
In the studio
Tom Wudl: The Making of Om Mani Padme Hum (2020)
Tom Wudl describes his mindset and inspiration in the studio while working on his punctiliously detailed "Om Mani Padme Hum," a work which is still in progress, and on display in "Tom Wudl: The Flowerbank World".
Matt Wedel: Everything is everything (2018)
Filmed on location at Matt Wedel's home and studio in Albany, Ohio. The artist discusses recent shifts in his practice, most notably the merging of sculptural form with painterly abstraction.
Heather Gwen Martin: Currents (2017)
Get a glimpse into Heather Gwen Martin's painting process in her downtown Los Angeles studio.
Gajin Fujita: Demon Slayer (2015)
Watch complete documentation of Gajin Fujita's meticulous painting process as he creates "Demon Slayer" for his exhibition "Warriors, Ghosts at Ancient Gods of the Pacific."
Ben Jackel: Fire Hydrants (2014)
Ben Jackel talks about his recent ceramic works based on fire hydrants.
Charles Garabedian - In the Studio (2006)
A short film on Charles Garabedian working in his studio in 2006.
Rebecca Campbell Infinite Density, Infinite Light | Virtual Tour & Artist Talk
Artist Rebecca Campbell presents a virtual tour of "Infinite Density, Infinite Light" and joins L.A. Louver director Elizabeth East for a conversation and audience Q&A.
Heather Gwen Martin Nerve Lines and Fever Dreams
Through this playlist of 3 videos, gain insight into the deliberate color selection and creative process behind Heather Gwen Martin's exhibition "Nerve Lines and Fever Dreams," on view 24 May - 2 July 2021
Edward and Nancy Kienholz: The Caddy Court (1986-87)
L.A. Louver Managing Director Lisa Jann delves deep into Edward and Nancy Kienholz's large-scale mixed media tableau "The Caddy Court" (1986-87).
The Merry-Go-World or Begat By Chance and The Wonder Horse Trigger
Nancy Reddin Kienholz describes the origins of "The Merry-Go-World or Begat By Chance and The Wonder Horse Trigger" (1988-92).
Terry Allen coming to Los Angeles (2019)
Legendary Texan musician and visual artist Terry Allen came to Los Angeles with an exhibition at L.A. Louver "The Exact Moment It Happens in the West: Stories, Pictures and Songs from the '60s 'Til Now" and two performances at Zebulon.
Alex Defer Kizu at L.A. Louver (2018)
Presenting a site-specific mural by the Los Angeles-based artist Alex "Defer" Kizu in our open-air Skyroom. Follow the work's progress from start to finish, along with insight and commentary from the artist.
R.B. Kitaj Panel Discussion at L.A. Louver (2019)
On 20 Nov 2019, L.A. Louver hosted a lively conversation on R.B. Kitaj's life and work, in the context of his collages and prints. Panelists included Tracy Bartley, Jonathan Griffin and Bruce Guenther.
Alison Saar and Evie Shockley: Conversation and Poetry Reading (2018)
Alison Saar and Evie Shockley discuss their collaborations, that merge visual art and poetry.
Roll Call Panel Discussion: The History of L.A. Graffiti (2017)
Chaz Bojorquez, Gajin Fujita and Slick join author and graffiti documentarian Steve Grody to discuss the beginnings of graffiti in Los Angeles, from gang writing to "Wild Style."
Ben Jackel and Christopher Miles in Conversation (2015)
Ben Jackel and Christopher Miles in conversation at L.A. Louver, 26 Feb 2015.
Frederick Hammersley Discussion at L.A. Louver (2014)
Kathleen Shields and Alan Phenix join Hunter Drohojowska-Philp to discuss the work of Frederick Hammersley.
Gajin Fujita and Ilona Katzew in Conversation (2014)
Watch L.A. Louver's recent conversation with Gajin Fujita and Ilona Katzew (Curator at LACMA) in the context of the artist's current drawings exhibition.
Rogue Wave
Matthew Brandt: Rogue Wave 2013
A look inside the Hollywood studio of artist Matthew Brandt. Brandt discusses his project "Lakes and Reservoirs," which is included in "Rogue Wave 2013" at L.A. Louver.
Laura Krifka: Rogue Wave 2013
Take a look inside Laura Krifka's studio in Ventura, California. Exhibiting in "Rogue Wave 2013," Krifka works in painting, drawing, sculpture, and stop-animation.
Kim Schoenstadt: Rogue Wave 2013
In the studio with Kim Schoenstadt as she discusses her works exhibiting in Rogue Wave 2013.
Rogue Wave 2013: Artist talk 1
Featuring Kim Schoenstadt, Owen Kydd and Sherin Guirguis
Rogue Wave 2013: Artist talk 3
Featuring Ashley Landrum, Heather Gwen Martin and Laura Krifka
Rogue Wave 2013: Artist talk 5
Featuring Sarah Awad, Farrah Karapetian and Matthew Brandt
From the archives
Kienholz On Exhibit (1966)
"Kienholz On Exhibit," directed by June Steel, consists of audience reactions to a Edward Kienholz's 1966 exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).
David Hockney Recreates Pearblossom Highway (1988)
A KCET broadcast of the program "Videolog" featuring David Hockney taking Huell Howser to the eponymous site of his work, "Pearblossom Highway," a photocollage made up of over 650 photos.
Appreciating Art Michael McMillens Pavillion of Rain (1990)
A broadcast segment from the Financial News Network called "Appreciating Art" featuring the large scale installation "Pavillion of Rain" by Michael C. McMillen.
Installation of Mark di Suvero's Declaration on Venice Beach (2001)
Footage of the installation of Mark di Suvero's massive public sculpture "Declaration" on Venice Beach on 10 May 2001.
Terry Allens Dugout III at the Lesnic Center for Performing Arts 2003
An excerpt from Terry Allen's multimedia theater piece "Dugout III" performed at the Lesnic Center for Performing Arts on 25 January 2003.
Deborah Butterfield: Dialogue with an Artist (2005)
Deborah Butterfield describes the synchronicity between her passion for riding and caring for horses and her work in the studio.
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