Edward and Nancy Kienholz: The Caddy Court (1986-87)

L.A. Louver Managing Director Lisa Jann delves deep into Edward and Nancy Kienholz's large-scale mixed media tableau "The Caddy Court" (1986-87).

Recently on view in The Armory Show's 2020 Town Square, "The Caddy Court" reimagines the Supreme Court of the United States in one of its original functions as a riding circuit court. The artists conceived of the work as a road-worthy vehicle, which could literally be driven across the country to be exhibited and preside from state to state, and town to town.

At its center, looming justices are portrayed by nine taxidermy animal heads and skulls in formal robes. Edward Kienholz explained, What we're trying to do is to make visible the rush of fear that people have when you mention the Supreme Court.

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