Never Done
100 Years Of Women In Politics And Beyond
Rina Banerjee<br>
Mother gathered Three and no more dirty stones, tossed them to sky that could break what had hardened her ground and without frown or flirt of flower father like grease or butter slipped aside to free from forty and some more grown men who held her as housewife like plant life with Three or no more daughters, 2017<br>
acrylic and collage on wood panel<br>
79 x 39 in (200.7 x 99.1 cm)
Alison Saar<br>
Breach, 2017<br>
woodcut on vintage grain and seed sacks<br>
47 1/2 x 19 in. (115.6 x 48.3 cm)<br>
Collection Tang Teaching Museum, New York
Tang Teaching Museum
Saratoga Springs, NY
17 Sep 2020 - 6 Jun 2021

Included Rina Banerjee, Alison Saar
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