Museum exhibition
A Site of Struggle
American Art Against Anti-Black Violence
Alison Saar / 
Strange Fruit, 1995 / 
Tin alloy, wood, dirt, found objects, rope, and paint / 
Collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art Baltimore, MD / 
© Alison Saar
Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
Montgomery, AL
12 Aug - 6 Nov 2022

Included Alison Saar

The Block Museum, Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
26 Jan - 10 Jul 2022
A Site of Struggle: American Art against Anti-Black Violence explores how artists have grappled with the reality of anti-black violence and its accompanying challenges of representation. From the horrors of slavery and lynching, to the violent suppression of civil rights struggles, to recent acts of police brutality, targeted violence has been an ever-present fact of Black lives in the United States, and images of African American suffering and death have constituted an enduring part of the nation’s cultural landscape.
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