Museum exhibition
The Curatorial Imagination of Walter Hopps
Edward Kienholz / 
Walter hopps hopps Hopps, 1959 / 
oil paint and resin on hardboard and wood with metal, plastic, animal vertebrae, candy, plaster, leather, pills, glass, printed paper, graphite, colored pencil and ink on paper, mat board, and adhesive tape / 
87 x 52 x 21 in. (221 x 132 x 53.3 cm)  / 
The Menil Collection, Houston, Gift of Lannan Foundation.
The Menil Collection
Houston, TX
24 Mar - 13 Aug 2023

Included Edward Kienholz


Griffin, Jonathan. "The creative curating of Walter Hopps." Apollo Magazine, 27 Apr 2023.
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