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Terry Allen
Now and Then
Installation of Juarez: Now and Then
Installation of Juarez: Now and Then
Installation of Juarez: Now and Then
25 Oct 2023 - 6 Jan 2024

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Stromberg, Matt. "10 Shows to See in Los Angeles in November." Hyperallergic, 1 Nov 2023.
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Terry Allen | Juarez CATALOGUE

Terry Allen | Juarez

In 2022 Nazraeli Press issued a tribute to Terry Allen's sprawling, multi-part project Juarez in a publication which reproduces Allen's lyrics alongside twelve new etchings.

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L.A. Louver is pleased to present Juarez: Now and Then, an intimate presentation of select drawings and prints by Terry Allen. Begun in the 1960s and continuing to this day, Juarez is described by Allen as a “haunting” and by others as the axis mundi of his practice. In its entirety, this expansive project consists of drawings, texts, constructions, poems, sketches, prints, watercolors, songs, a screenplay, multi-room installations, musical theater performances (one co-written by David Byrne), and an album accompanied by a suite of lithographs and texts, among other manifestations. In the artist’s words, Juarez “has probably instigated and/or informed everything I’ve ever made.”

This presentation highlights the Nazraeli Press recent publication of Juarez, a book which reproduces, for the first time, Allen's lyrics alongside twelve new etchings in a continued expansion of the Juarez universe.
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