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45 in Focus: Alice Neel

A portraitist in the age of abstraction and a working woman in the era of macho Formalism, Alice Neel bucked convention at every turn. As figuration fell out of favor around midcentury, bowing to gestural expressionism and cool minimalism, Neel forged ahead with the figural style she had first developed in the 1930s, deepening and refining her distinctive combination of abstract color, gestural paint application, and searing portraiture.

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45 in Focus: Embodied

The body makes itself known in many ways in the works gathered here, the second in a series of group presentations related to our anniversary exhibition, 45 at 45. Including Nick Cave, Jimmie Durham, Sherin Guirguis, Tim Hawkinson, Sui Jianguo, Heather Gwen Martin, Jason Martin, Juan Uslé and John Zane Zappas -- the works offer a physical connection with the viewer, in an experience that moves beyond the visual, and into a space that incorporates one’s entire being.

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