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Don Suggs: Tondos

Throughout his long and varied career, Don Suggs constantly interrogated received ideas of artmaking, pushing boundaries between styles and media while building a personal iconographic language that surfaces across the broad range of his practice. A key element of that visual language is the tondo, its circular form showing up in paintings, prints, photography, and sculpture. As employed by Suggs, the tondo is both obscuring and revealing, abstract and painstakingly concrete. Through the tondo, Suggs introduces formalism to landscapes, reinterprets famous paintings of the past, and adds Pop-inflected playfulness to compositions. 

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Matt Wedel: Potted Plants

Matt Wedel captures the exuberance of nature and the joy of the garden with this new suite of paintings on paper. Each Potted Plant shoots, twists, or curls up from a colorful fluted pot, set against a vibrant background. Some weave through and hang from imaginative trellising, while others seem to defy gravity with swirling, uplifted branching. Vines, boughs, and fruits all intertwine in a frenzy of abundance. 

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